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19 May, 2019

Gift Aid Scheme

Our Gift Aid Scheme has been approved by the Inland Revenue and is administered by the Archdiocese of Birmingham with the assistance of local volunteers in each Parish. The essence of the scheme is that the Parish may claim a refund of tax on donations given by participants who are UK taxpayers. From April 2008, this amounts to 25p for every £1 given.

There is little bureaucracy involved at present; there's no fixed amount to be promised, no requirement for annual renewals or certificates, no need for tax reference numbers or National Insurance numbers. Participants may cancel at any time, either because their circumstances have changed or they have changed their mind!

There are only two requirements. You need to be paying sufficient Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the UK to cover the tax rebate on your donation. This can be tax paid (at any level) on your Salary, Tax paid on Interest from banks or Building Society accounts, or tax paid on you pension. The Parish has to be able to prove how much you've given. We do this by giving you numbered envelopes into which you can place your donation. If you wish to Gift Aid donations made by any other means (such as via an Internet-based payment scheme) you should ensure that the donation includes details of your name and address and your wish to Gift Aid your donation.

If you pay sufficient tax, then gift aiding your donation can make a significant contribution to the parish, at no additional cost to you.

To aid you in calculating whether you pay sufficient tax to Gift Aid your donation, figures based on an individual's typical weekly offering work out as follows:

Weekly Offering
Tax Reclaimed Annually
Annual Contribution you make to the Parish
Total Value of your contribution to the Parish

Additional information on Gift Aided donations can be found here. If you wish to Gift Aid your future donations, or require more information about the Parish Gift Aid scheme, please contact us.

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