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30 June, 2020

Mass times

On Tuesday (23rd June) we heard the announcement that, from the 4th July this year, places of worship will be able to reopen for prayer and services. We welcome this news with great joy. With the easing of restrictions on worship with congregations, we tread carefully along the path that lies ahead. Our lives have been changed by the experience of the pandemic and it is clear that we cannot simply return to how things were before lockdown. It is important to reaffirm that, at present, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended. Please be aware that there will be a limit on the number of people who can attend Mass in our churches. We ask every Catholic to think carefully about how and when they will return to Mass.

Please see the Archbishop's Letter for additional context and details. (This letter can also be viewed on the Diocesan Website.) For additional prayer resources please visit The Liturgy Office Website.

During this difficult time, you can "virtually" attend Mass by participating in a "live streamed" Mass. As you are aware, our former Parish Priest, Fr David Oakley, was recently ordained Bishop of Northampton. The Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate & St Thomas of Canterbury, Mother Church of the Diocese of Northampton, offers a live stream of all services. Bishop David does not celebrate all the streamed Masses personally, but it will be nice to welcome him back to our Parish of Maryvale as our "virtual" Parish Priest until such time as we are able to physically gather together as part of the Maryvale Parish Community again.

A full schedule is available on the Northampton Cathedral Website. See also the St Chad's Cathedral Website.

As you are aware, it may now be possible for some of us to physically attend Mass again.

Masses at Our Lady of the Assumption Maryvale will be restricted to approximately 40 attendees. Obviously that's not ideal, but it is important to maintain social distancing and keep everybody safe, Members of the same family (or social bubble) will sit together.

Tickets will be made available from 9:00am every Monday for the following weekend Masses. If you book early one week, and are able to attend, perhaps wait until later in the week following to give others a chance? To get your ticket, please click here . Each ticket covers up to two people sitting together. As we are following the Archdiocesan guidelines for ‘one metre plus' rather than 2 metre social distancing, face coverings are required for all who attend Mass if they are less than 2 metres apart from others of a different household. There is no charge, so please don't enter any credit or debit card details on the site (you may be booking for the wrong event!)

In addition, Fr Thé will be live streaming and recording Sunday (and Holy Day) Mass at 10:00am on YouTube. Please see the Christ the King Website for the current link or subscribe to the Christ the King YouTube channel.


Sunday Masses

12:30pm Saturday (Vigil Mass) (Christ the King) Get a Ticket

6:00pm Saturday (Vigil Mass) (Maryvale) Get a Ticket

6:00pm Saturday (Vigil Mass) (Northampton Cathedral)

8:30am Sunday (Northampton Cathedral)

10:00am Sunday Live Streamed (Christ the King) Get a Ticket

11:00am Sunday (Northampton Cathedral) (St Chad's Cathedral)

11:30am Sunday (Maryvale) Get a Ticket

5:15pm Sunday (Northampton Cathedral)

Weekday Masses

9:30am Monday (Northampton Cathedral)

12:15pm Monday (St Chad's Cathedral)

7:00pm Monday (Northampton Cathedral)

9:30am Tuesday (Northampton Cathedral)

12:15pm Tuesday (St Chad's Cathedral)

9:30am Wednesday (Northampton Cathedral)

12:15pm Wednesday (St Chad's Cathedral)

9:30am Thursday (Northampton Cathedral)

12:15pm Thursday (St Chad's Cathedral)

9:30am Friday (Northampton Cathedral)

12:15pm Friday (St Chad's Cathedral)

9:30am Saturday (Northampton Cathedral)

10:00am Saturday (St Chad's Cathedral)

Assumpta Est Maria